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30 Best Cinematography Techniques & Tips : On paper, you’re ready. You took the courses. You read the books. But do you know all the key cinematography techniques? The things that come from being on set? Perhaps you’ve been working Director of Photography for years. Would a quick refresher on some of the 30 best cinematography techniques and tips hurt? We’ve compiled some of the best tricks of the cinematography trade into this one post that will get you jobs, keep you working, and keep your work inspired. So whether it’s on paper or on set, we’re gonna make sure you’re ready to shoot. 01 Opening Shots 02 Professional Advice 03 Pre-Pro like a Pro 04 On Set Leadership 05 Camera Techniques 06 Film Lighting Techniques 07 Finding Work 08 Parting Shots Join the Palme Deor Film and Media College in Chennai & Tanjavur
  • 2018-08-29T04:04:32

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